Training In Oslo Day 7
Jun 8th, 2011 by Henry

The training in the weather of Oslo gives a greater achievements on runners.Why? It rains all the time.It clears the breathing air.

The recovery is a lot faster.It makes a runner to go for another.What else can you do if a runner have energy you keep on training.For someone like me,I lose weights.

Day 7 in Oslo and since I arrived and it has been a good training at least one if not twice/day.

In Oslo Tour June 15,2011.
Jun 5th, 2011 by Henry

Up in the North of Oslo was a meet. I ran 3000m in 11:51.53 min. Training is going great!
Thanks guys


Happy New Year!!
Jan 11th, 2011 by Henry

Happy new year guys!! The New schedules begins this week:

We have days and the locations to meet as follows:Albuquerque Academy/Milne Stadiums.Do you know any other stadiums please let me know.
My preparation for the spring are always to train at this cold weather for physiological science reasons.This preparation helps me to go through races in all four seasons in the year without any physiological problems.I have trained in the coldest weather in the world close to the border of Canada and USA by Pullman,Washington. I came out as a World Champion in 1978;however,in those trainings I was also jumping into Saunas in the temperature of 200 degrees and for the two extreme ends made me to have the true threshold of perfect muscle fitness.Do you have time to do the following?

Meeting Hours each day: 4:30 Pm to 7:pm. What times are the best for you please let me know.
Do you have week end races please let me know.

Happy Merry Christmass
Dec 26th, 2010 by Henry

I wise,each and everyone Merry Christmas and new years!Live in the light.Trust in the Truth! See and feel is the only way to stay on track.These leads to be in shape as the Mother Nature tells us to regroup and live natural life.

Thanks Guys
God bless
International Coach Rono

Follow the running community in New Mexico
Nov 27th, 2010 by Henry

This oreintation is to remind the running community to make sure they know the meeting places.Just follow the leader in the running community of New Mexico.For the weeks time table are very important at least you should meet ones a week with Team-Rono group.

I will also write a program for you if you want.If you are not available to meet the time table.Bear in mind,if you can walk 50 metres,you can jog the 50 metres and eventually you can run the same distances you want,we want to encourage our bodies they can do it.This is very important for the body and mind.We are here for you for the need of Physical Fitness Development. My contacts Email:ronorun_henry@msn.com

The program might look like the following;however,dont be scared of the program just follow us and you will be in the running light!!!.Pick your days for Developing Physical Fitness:

Wk 1
Tue: intervals
Fri: Easy runs
Sat:Today was LSD run=10 mile run=90mins

Thank guys
Coach Henry Rono

Middle East Mission Ends Today!
Nov 15th, 2010 by Henry

My mission in the Middle East ends today November 15,2010 until further notice.The Yemen athletes that I have coached for one year have obtain Level 1.

The new national records were set in the last three months;however,the most important was West Asian Syrian Military Championships in October 14-18,2010 that set a new light across Yemen officials.

For the year I have coach in Yemen has been the most important experiences not only in furthering my knowledge in running world,but also my research in the sports world medicine.

I’m closing the Chapter today and head back to my running program in New Mexico in few days!It has been my pleasure coaching, running and chatting with you guys! Finally,we both have found the common ground on the running program!

Thanks again

Life is Not Easy
Oct 17th, 2010 by Henry

I feel as if I’m entering the new world of things.One of my athletes told me she fears the future.”But I want to be the winner,” she said.After few days of counseling future has a light!Perhaps,she is watching what I’m doing with athletes in Yemen with crazy people.

They have asked me to write a report for one year,since I have been in Yemen on the subject of Negatives and positives on a summary.After completing the report,the editor,she was crying in front me and General Secretary.This was October 9,2010,from that day, there is a distance between me and the General Secretary.

However,between the end of July and now,particularly, after that fight broke up in the stadium,things have been going slowly.It has been very quiet as the Yemen Athletic Federation and Ministry of Sports searching for solutions.I’m still standing with my faith of athletics.

How to deal with these people they should listen to me as I told them since day one,when I arrived Yemen.After testing athletes on September 25,2010.

I training them for two weeks and test them again on October 10,2010.They left for Syria,the following day without letting me what is next.Why? I don’t know.I just found my self in close camp alone, after that early morning run.I pack my clothes and I was back to my hostel.

From that moment I hunt-down my bosses,they couldn’t answer my phone until I walk straight to their offices they were not there.By then I was told go here and here and another place here until I’m about to know all the people in the ministry and finally I was told I have no visa being in Yemen by General Secretary of Yemen Athletic Federation.

The General Secretary was the one couldn’t answer the phone.He refuse to come to the meeting in the Ministry of Sports to meet with me and the officials.Abdu Hameed Al-Saedi,told me,he is a liar.
I told him, he liars to you. What about me?”Go and see a minister”
The story is developing and I will see them tomorrow at 9:30 am.

Perhaps,it might reach the turn point.When people just vanish just like that without noticing me,what can one do? Abdu Hameed also crying for help!He asking every time I get in his office.”What can I do for you?” He is the last person call me today,after, I got back from the Sports Ministry to get back to his office tomorrow.


Rhamadhan Season
Aug 19th, 2010 by Henry

This is the right time to ride on Rhamadhan wagon and lose all the weight I wanted to do it in the last four years. Im on the 9 day today and its going well.Doing hill repeats with empty stomach it shakes my entire body today.

After 30 minutes,I started having headaches for just few minutes,then it disappered at this point Im focusing, all over sudden I was distructed by someone asking me questions in Arabic language,”weno mafish rhamadan?” He meant are not on Rhamadhaning? I told him “Ana rhamadhan aleom ina sabath mafish .”I told him doing it now without food in the stomach. That takes few seconds off of my focus.Perhaps he thought I need food before training as I do at night with the girls.

I asked my athletes to joint me they say they have no energy for it only after dinner.We have been doing that in the last 9 days at the stadium at 10pm.This is how things goes during Rhamadhan days for 30 days.People work at night and during day time is fasting along with nice words coming out of your mouth.

I continue thinking I will do it until I finish 60 minutes by 55 minutes,another distruction comes by these two speaks both arabic and english,by then I stop hill climbing and start telling them,who Im and what Im doing in Yemen.

They were saying they have seen me here with a bunch of guys early in the morning three months ago.

I had alot of pain from the top of my head to toes.I got home and fall a sleep like a rock for threes.No appetite untill now at 11:45pm for only water and green veges and electrolize is important now.It was achallenge today.I will do it again!!!

Two Months has Gone By
Aug 18th, 2010 by Henry

For the last two months has gone without producing anything that might gives a good plan for athletics in Yemen.Last month during Championships in Sana’a Province,we had some problems when selecting the Youth for the upcoming games.

The first day of the championships chaos erupted,so we stop immediately and make few phone calls.Nobody bother to come for help,no security,they say its athletics thing.So we decided to go to athletic office to put our heads together.

Finally,we were given an oppointment to meet the sports minister at night.After getting to his home to discuss about this matter it became a long story it never ends.

In the end I was given a chance to talk,I told the minister,”I have been here for almost 10 months and what I have seen and witness, specially in the Arab Championships,there are people in the administration that they want athletics not to succeed in Yemen unless they are given attention.

I have said that and they know it,I will discipline athletes and coaches in the close camp,but as soon as we left close camp another mind comes on the way to Egypt,problems begins and no translator for me.By the time the running starts on the track the 95% shape have come down to 70% physical shape performances.

Why? there are three things,first, the technical management have control of athletes’s minds,secondly the age changes in which it affeted one of the athlete in Egypt,and finally we were lost in the everybody eyes and I dont speak Arabic language for me to lead athletes.Because one of the clubs in Yemen wants to lead athletics that why a fight erupted today”

The minister suspected Rhakhama club and the following morning I was in the office as a technical manager.That first day of the meet went by peacefully, the second day another fight begins at the starting line,when a assistant minister sitting watching with the audiences.

What happen? God KNows!

Trials looks Great!
Jun 10th, 2010 by Henry

Selecting the same number of athletes(5) for two training camps looks great.One will be in Sanaa above 7000ft and the other in Singapore.The two training camps are great for developing the discipline of an athlete;thus tunes up runners to next level.Therefore no problems for selecting the team it represents the Nation.

However,the problems is at technical management that boils up things.We have to go through alot of mental imaginations which are harder than training the athletes in the hills.If you dont understand the rituals in the room you fall short of a breathe.

There is people knows how to twice things from the right to the wrong directions.I feel dizzy everytime Im in that room until come out of the room.I say,”running is straight forward thing and it unites people.”You are not going to lead me to go the wrong way,I said.

They fear one another to face the professional ways of running.By June 12,2010, I will know the next step to take.Im have the same number of athletes I had in Egypt;however,the officials are even more than athletes,these causes alot of problems.

They dont run, ever try or ex-athletes, have been push down to listen or get confuse,if one think the right way of athletics is out of business.


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