On The Road With Kristopher Houghton
July 17th, 2007 by Henry

The 3000m on Sunday in Gent was a rough one. It seems
the 3k has been an elusive race for me this season. I
had raced the 1500m in Kortrijk on Friday at 10pm and
stayed the night in Kortrijk. I didn’t get to sleep
until very late (3-4am) because of the time change and
thinking about a new PR.

The next day, Saturday, I woke up at 8am and ran with
Dmitry (the Russian runner). We met up with my
sister-in-law’s boyfriend, Nikos, later in the day and
he took us to a friends house just outside of
Brussels. I did my evening run in a town called Asse
(and it’s pronounced the way it shouldn’t be). Asse
was actually really nice though. I found a soccer
field and did my run & drills there. The people we
stayed with were really nice, but it turned out to be
another late night (4am). I probably had a bit too
much second-hand smoke as well. Europeans loving
smoking for some reason.

I woke up really late on race morning (1:30pm), missed
my morning shake-out, grabbed some breakfast, and took
off for the race. I could feel in my body it would be
rough. I tried as much as possible to stay positive. I
warmed up with Dmitry and prepared for the 3k. They
put us both in the fast heat and we started in 90
degree heat + humidity.

I got out well and came around in 64, 2:08, 3:12. On
the fourth lap I started reeling in a group of three
runners including Dmitry, when all of the sudden
Andrew Carlson (USA) stepped in front of Dmitry and
caused Dmitry to swing his foot toward the inside.
Dmitry’s foot landed on the inside rail, which was
slick plastic, and he slid across and knocked Carlson
to the infield and fell in lanes 1-3 (He’s a tall
glass a water). I had to slow considerable and hurdle
Dmitry. I was quite shaken up because of how hard
Dmitry had fallen onto the track, but kept going.

The pack that I was on the back of gapped me during
the fall and I was trying to make it back up to them.
I came through the mile in 4:20. I was just making
some contact with a runner who had fallen off of the
lead group when he stepped of the track leaving me in
no-man’s-land again. I packed it in pretty slow after
that and tried to kick a guy down on the last lap, but
he held me off. I never saw my official time, but I
think it was in the 8:20s.

It was a little frustrating to have a great race in
front of you and not to capitalize on it, but I
couldn’t dwell on it too much, because there were so
many adverse factors working against me. I knew I was
still in good shape and just needed to rest up for the
next races. Maria was actually more frustrated than
me…she wants me to go 8 flat soon.

The next race is in Bruschaat. I’m in contact with the
race director, but don’t know which race he’s going to
let me run. the 5k is super fast and the 1500 as over
50 entrants. We’ll see if they’ll throw together a ‘B’
5k or put me in the A. I’m down for whichever. We’ve
booked a bed in breakfast for the next couple days and
are determined to get on the european time zone, rest
up, and get in the right rhythm.

Keep the prayers coming. Thank you for all the

Much love,


View the 3000 in Gent by clicking here

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