I’m Back From Aden
December 10th, 2009 by Henry

When I left Sanaa on Monday,I never have time to get online and record my daily work here in Yemen.I did X-country for National Team. Going through this recruiting and selecting the team for Yemen one has to be a nut in the head to get attentions from the administration officials.

Athlete soft and nice talk is not going to cut it.This is my character of a world class athlete,which saves the energy and chanalen into running.Well for me this time around I directed this running strength into Yemen Athletic Federation and find out what is behind the scene.

I put off the running thing and face up with administration.I cause alot of headaches on them to be decisive after they were dired with running around in circles which it doesnt help my coaching job and breakes down my running spirit.

My longest run was on monday here in Sanaa.In Aden I had a meeting until 2am in the morning still come out empty handed.This is not good for runners and coaches who gets up early in the morning to run.The two doesnt match.


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