Thoughts from Steve Cram
Apr 10th, 2007 by Henry

Steve Cram has a great blog in the Guardian Unlimited today. “Athletics could learn something from the Masters when it comes to appreciating former greats. Watching the Masters at the weekend I was struck by how reverential the golfing fraternity are towards their former greats. It is probably helped by the fact that even in his early 70s someone like Gary Player can blast the ball out of the greenside bunker to within three feet of the hole and look every inch the part. Athletics is more cruel towards ageing limbs, heart and lungs diminished through the passage of time and copious dietary indiscretions. One of its greats, however, has recently been receiving attention for his efforts to recapture just a flicker of former glories. In the late 1970s Henry Rono of Kenya was a bigger draw on the European circuit than Coe and Ovett as they were yet to embark fully on their world record ping-pong. In 1978 he broke four tough world records in 81 days and without the aid of pacemakers. His free-flowing, surging style was remarkable for its ease, but its effects were devastating on clock and competition alike.” Continued…

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