May 10,2013 at Sandia Mountain Training
May 13th, 2013 by Henry

It was a nice day this morning for that I deserve to have 110 minutes long run at the 6000 to 8000 ft high altitude.This was a good begin back to my old tricks of running and the following a slept almost forever I thank God for giving me the energy of running again…


Intervals for Track Season Just Sarted
Apr 17th, 2010 by Henry

The middle/long distance events were doing the same intervals as X-cross training program: 400mx12.72-60 sec .The Short distance events: 1500m/800 were doing their intervals as 400mX2:51sec- 53sec.The sprinters: 400m and 400mhurdles were doing 300m in 34-38 sec.

I have not found 100m/200m runners yet until next Thursday.

The 100m/200m sprinters will be coming from Aden low altitude by then I will just have one person in the two events. But he has to clock 10.70 sec for 100m and 21.70 for 200m to qualify him for Arab Championships. After that we will get on age issues.

Before this evening session intervals training, the sports minister had to approve the funds for the close camp in front of my face to make sure this time around the Yemen team will participate in Arab Championships no head games or tricks will get on the way to Yemen runners.

Athletes are less motivated.They have been cheated four times.This morning I was having hard time getting them up at 6am.However,afternoon, they learn that the minister have okay the athletes to train and get ready for Egypt. The athletes’ hearts started rising up, so the intervals were done with positive effort this evening.


Yemen Team is Ready For Arab Championship
Apr 16th, 2010 by Henry

The Yemen team is ready for Arab Championships in the track &field events.It has been a long time since Yemen participate in this games;however, this time around are willing to take part in Egypt May 5-8,2010 at the same time they are not sure about the medals.

There is one thing is stack in the minds of officials is about medals and the age of the athletes.They cant tell who is junior and who is youth.The Athletic Federation is about to dismantle the entire technical management.

“I will find a spot for you Henry in the tachnical management meetings,Im sorry we didnt make it to Poland WCC becuase of the technical managers that are bringing up problems in the meetings.”

I have chosen 7 athletes from 7 events.Each event will have one athlete.I wanted 9 events but technical managers have problem with me,”You are in charge of all of these Henry,they said,but every time I mention there are 9 running events and 9 field evets.Each event should take 3 athletes.But this is only men events.”No! No! we dont have money and we are not sure we will get medals in these guys.”

“I know who will bring medals in the team”I said.

So I will get back to you guys.


Assistant Generel Secretay Meeting
Oct 8th, 2009 by Henry

I am starting to know everybody here in sports and those interested in running. The youth here love soccer more than running and yet the IAAF leaders want running sports to be the leading in the world. That is why they are provding more money for winners nowadays than before. I love to bring up the youth runners and support the effort of the IAAF plan and any country who wants to be part of running. I am here to work with them.

I just finished meeting with Assistant General Secretary few minutes ago on this discussion.


My first day in Yemen
Oct 7th, 2009 by Henry

I know it is too early for you there. Your time is 4am and my time is 1pm Wednesday.I have not run yet, because I am trying to find my way around. They are laid back over here, but the news in Yemen Times is written well in good English.

Keep on reading this blog. The people here like this blog so much. I will update my activities here.I like the chai and coffee to bring my weight down to 150lbs. I can live on it and read all night. No stresses over here. Just run all day, breath fresh air, have a big smile and happy journey that still continues in my running world.

I have left autographed copies of my book with Richard Dafter back in the US, so they are still available. To purchase them, click here.

Thanks everyone for supporting me,

Join me on RaceNation
Sep 9th, 2009 by Henry

RaceNation is a social networking site for athletes. Please join me in the RaceNation community by clicking here.

Academy Track
Sep 8th, 2009 by Henry

Today was a quiet evening,I got to run for 25 minutes,then I was more of entartaining people about past experiences in life.
My body needed rest today,I gues when one gets old the body recovery is very slow,I was planning to do interval workout I ended up put it off.



Copper Hills Trail
Sep 7th, 2009 by Henry

It was 66 minutes just one loop this morning and I find it easy today than yesterdady.My body responding to training so well.


Spain Trail
Sep 6th, 2009 by Henry

Today training was recovery run for me. At first I felt like not training at all this morning, but because of group run help my second thought.So we started walking, jogging and finally running in a nine minutes pace per mile.
Before we start we stretch for few munites to warm up the muscles and afterwords we strech extensively to loosen up the entire body and gues what it feels good that I am glad I ran this morning, if I had listen to my first thought I could have not run and feel this good.We ran for 63 minutes that was my prescribes dosage this morning that loosen up my muscles, aches and pains are gone.




September 6th Workout
Sep 6th, 2009 by Henry

Today training was slow recovery pace 10 minutes per mile for me. I didn’t feel like training at all, but because of the team I had to.And it seems like everyone was keeping up with me.

We were talking all the way until we finish 63 minutes.This is in Spain’s trail.

Doing stretches before run for few minutes just to warm up the muscles. Afterwords, we did extensively and muscles were ready for full stretching. It makes alot more differences.I feel a lot more alive and strong than yesterday and before run. Now I feel I am ready for another one. I am glad I did run this morning.



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