Cape Code Falmouth Paul
Oct 6th, 2014 by Henry
Cape Code Falmouth Interview With Paul
Oct 6th, 2014 by Henry

Paul is publication a book for runners in the Boston,Mass state ;however,he needs to stick my name in it.He had to give me solid questions and in order for me to release solid answers from my heart in which it comes from running heart.He seems to be satisfy with it.He said
“thanks for taking time thinking about it and give good answers.”
Its a world of running philosophy.

Thanks Paul.

Yrs Henry

Hungary Journalist Interview
Oct 6th, 2014 by Henry

Balazs Simonyi kept asking my running style and wonder if I could coach his country to do what I did in the world.I told him to stick with computers language follow it and you will reach me the same way you did,I will coach your country this way..means online…

Thanks Balazs,Yrs Henry

“Olympic Dream” Book Gaining Long Legs!
Oct 6th, 2014 by Henry

Last month I was given nickname,King Henry II,and Henry the Great.”Out of Olympic Dream book,the interview was great that came along with questions.They got solid answers.I could and hear them turning around with happy faces when their ears heard my solid answers..These philosophers came from University of Leuven in Belgium in department of Arts and Music.

Thank you for waiting this long

Lets Make A Deal For Training Our Bodies
Aug 24th, 2013 by Henry

It was along the Sandia Mountains for just 92 minutes, I feel great.It is worth alot of money in the Bank of Henry Rono….The deal is not that bad for 18th more months….

Join me for walking,jogging and running training….


May 10,2013 at Sandia Mountain Training
May 13th, 2013 by Henry

It was a nice day this morning for that I deserve to have 110 minutes long run at the 6000 to 8000 ft high altitude.This was a good begin back to my old tricks of running and the following a slept almost forever I thank God for giving me the energy of running again…


Training Formula!
Jul 1st, 2011 by Henry

I thought I should say our physical-fitness requires a training formula.I divide a day into three parts:morning,afternoon,and evening. I schedule my fitness training one in the morning that it takes care of the all day.

The meals planning has to go along with fitness due to sweating,otherwise a problem might it take place;however,the formula has its significances for the body to breath well. This information might not make sense to you guys.


Summer Begins Today
Jun 21st, 2011 by Henry

In the five days I have been in Albuquerque,New Mexico and the training has been so persistance.I have done one interval workout that reads the same speed as I did in Oslo at low altitude in 10 days apart.

The speed endurances is in;however,speed strength training still searching between the knee joins.

The healing knee and hip joins requires specific gym training.Its in the next plan along with ritual-meditation beside them are great nutritions and the light is on.
God Bless guys!

The Days of Meditation
Jun 12th, 2011 by Henry

The days of meditation running comes second,then running afterwords.In to day of June 12,2011 meditations is very important.Of course its sunny and its Sunday. We travelled all night far North of Oslo by the train after many hours of interviews and training all day.

The same questions still ringing through my ears.Why Kenyan runners running so fast? The same answers still running through the media ears and still never heard it.Kenyans heard it thats why they run very fast.

CoachRono in Oslo.

Oslo Forest
Jun 10th, 2011 by Henry

Training in Oslo forest and the rain is pouring down.The air coming in my lungs a fresh.Breathing out through the skin as well as through the mouth,I can see in front of me pushing through the clouds and everything happens automatically.

My knees are coming up so high, higher and higher and fast,faster to the best.I stop after 91 minutes.The terrains were rolling hills of course this is low high altitude and warm,its good for losing weight if you know what you eating.I slept long hours for muscle recovery and synthesis.
Thanks guys!

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